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Learning styles

Advice on home education

When considering home education, often the first questions asked are:

Is it legal?
The simple answer is yes.  Education is compulsory, going to school is not. 

Do I need to be a teacher?

Do I need to follow the national curriculum?

Opposite are some of the common questions about home educating, with more details and information.

Home Ed and the Law

Here are some links to further reading on learning theories:

Personalised Education Now




  • How do I actually provide a suitable education for my child?
  • What about socialisation?
  • Is it expensive?
  • I donít think I am clever enough to help my children learn
  • What are the legal aspects of home education?
  • What about deregistration from school?

    In England if your  child attends school, then you will need to go through a deregistration  process in order to remove them and educate them at home.

    This is quite straightforward and involves writing a letter to the Headteacher of the school.
    Here is a suggested deregistration letter that can be used:
    Sample deregistration letter

    You do not need to  get permission from the school or Local Authority to home educate, you  simply need to inform the school of your decision and the school is then required to inform the Local authority that they have removed your  child's name from the register.  You do not need to inform the Local  Authority yourself.

    Special needs children
    For Special Needs Children (SEN) not in special schools then the process for deregistration is the same as  above.  Unless the Statement specifies provision at home to be made by  the LA, the statement becomes a legally unenforceable document.  The LA  will no longer have a statutory duty to arrange the provision specified  in the statement and nor will the parents.
    The LA are still under a  duty to review the statement at least annually, until such time as they  cease to maintain it. Where a child is established in Elective Home  Education, it is reasonable for the LA to conclude that it is no longer  necessary for them to make provision or to continue to maintain the  statement. Parents who no longer seek provision from the LA could write  to the LA asking them to cease to maintain the statement, as it is no  longer appropriate.

    For Special Needs Children (SEN) in special schools the parents need to seek Local Authority consent to home educate.
    Here is a suggested letter that could be used for this purpose from Education Otherwise:
    Sample deregistration from special schools

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